A downloadable game for Windows

Open world low poly game.

You are a High-poly being, you run away from society and use a home-made spaceship to escape the planet.

You float through space; scared as hell and find yourself in a panic attack. You over-react to seeing your planet

escape the horizon. As you sleep you suddenly awake to see yourself on an uninhabited planet. Your ship has crashed

and you are scared-to-death. You aim to try and find the parts to recover your ship

Note: This is in extremely early development so be warned if you find exploits, glitches or it is just laggy. Current version that i'm working on: 0.12.


Game V0.01.zip 48 MB
Game V0.02.zip 49 MB
Game V0.05.zip 50 MB
Game V0.1.zip 51 MB

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